Benefits of Silk for Hair and Body

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Imagine a smooth caress lavishing your skin. It makes you feel as if you are floating on feathers. What if it were good for you too? That scenario is an awesome reality with silk. Not only does silk feel good on the skin, it is also great for the hair. Get your hair in formation with these super-silky tips:

4 Benefits of Silk for Hair and Body

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1. Silk protein:  If you have fears about protein, let them dissolve like water in the soil. Silk protein is the lightest and gentlest of all proteins. It strengthens the hair without producing a hard feeling from protein that some people abhor. For a lightweight protein coupled with a nice dose of strength, silk protein is the way to go.

2. Silk-lined hats/wraps: When it’s frigid, you have to cover your head, especially if you’re not fond of headaches, earaches, and all those other detestable symptoms of the common cold. The hats that we grew up wearing may have been super cute, but they weren’t very kind to our tresses. Enter silk-lined hats: the fashionably-friendly alternative for hair. Keep your head warm and leave breakage by the wayside.  I also love a lot of silk lined wraps found with firstlinebrands.

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3. Silk bonnets and pillowcases: Just as sleep is important for physical health, our hair’s protection is imperative for its well-being. The hair needs to be covered with smooth fibers to remain in place and maintain its moisture. Silk bonnets and pillowcases help the hair to keep its lushness and swagger. They’re ultra sexy, too, so you’ll be stylin’ in your sleep.

4. Silk Sheets: Silk sheets are very helpful for the body at night. Silk helps the body regular it’s temperature while one is sleeping.  Additionally, silk sheets are considered to be hypoallergenic due to their nature in having very small individual threads, which help reflect various allergens that are prone to sitting on the sheets.

silk benefits for hair and body

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