Want to know what kind of camera do I use, products I love or my policies on reviews? Here are a list of quick

About The Blog: 

What kind of camera do you use? 

I shoot all of my pictures with the Samsung S6 Edge and Videos on Sony HD Cybershot.

Do you buy all of the products you do reviews on? 

Often times, I purchase many of the items but there are times when I reach out to the company for a review or they contact me. When I receive an item (free, paid, sponsored, etc) I make sure to clearly state this in the review and this does not alter my review of the product.
Are you speaking at any events or how can we work with? 
Yes! I speak all across the country and work with a variety of event planners and trade shows. For my latest events check out my event’s page. I work best through email so feel free to contact me to work together.

About Alexandria “Alex” Williams

How old are you?

Over 30 🙂

How long have you been in PR/Marketing

Honestly, I have been in marketing since I was a debate geek in high school. My teacher saw I wasn’t up for always debating against people especially on things I was naturally passionate about.  Seeing this, she gave a one week crash course in parliament debate and extemporaneous speaking. Within a week, I was signed up for my first speech tournament in these new sectors and excelled round after round unlike before. Based on my natural ability to tell stories through speaking and connect worldly events to anyone sitting in front of me without much training, I was accepted and sent to Stanford University’s national recognized debate camp and secured myself on the Varsity debate team the following you. Since then, I have fused my love of telling stories through words and visual presentations also known as Marketing. My first official marketing internship was landed Summer of 2003 with a non-profit agency in Dallas.

What is your focus on Nutrition and Hair?

I was dubbed the Fit Hair expert and sought out by numerous media outlets such as (USA Triathlon, Self, Elle UK and Black America) a few years ago when working with Sporty Afros. As such, my advice is practical and simple to those who are trying to become healthy. My focus is to break down barriers and hinderances within the health industry and help  women live a healthy life. One of the easiest ways I can do so is through nutrition and hair.

Do you have any endorsements? 

Sort of. I work and have a partnership with Beyond Meat through their ProTeam. I was a customer and blogger and simply loved them. Because of this, it turned into a non-monetary partnership. I am also a Fitness ambassador for Fitfluential.


About The Hair

As with most natural hair bloggers, I have received a lot of questions about my natural hair. Here are a few repeated questions.

How long have you been natural?

I have been natural on and off for several years within each decade of my life.
  • 10s: I went natural the end of my junior year of high school because we didn’t have the funds to see my stylist. This lasted a full year until senior prom.
  • Early 20s: I went natural on and off during college. Again, for funding and lack of finding a decent stylist in Lubbock. I grew out my hair and wore what we now called protective styles. I also tampered a lot with color during this time. I learned more about my hair structure and it’s ability to break off from heat very easy.
  • Late 20s – Now:  In 2010, I went natural and haven’t looked back. There weren’t any natural hair products aimed at women like there are now and it was harder as I was also training for my first triathlon.

Why did you decide to embrace your natural hair?

Honestly, it was a mixture of reason. However,  one of the main reasons was that my hair was suffering as a result of the perms and training for my triathlon. It was a choice to learn about natural hair or quit my triathlon training. Since then, I choose to not only embrace my natural hair but a new journey and chapter.

What Products do  you use? 

I will have a dedicated blog post to my hair regimen and favorite products soon!

Legal Stuff and Disclosures 

IMPORTANT WARNING – I’m not a doctor, and I don’t know your personal health history. The information in my videos and on this blog is offered as opinion only. This information is not intended to substitute informed medical advice. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease without consulting with a qualified health care provider. A consultation with your health care professional is the proper method to address your health concerns. You are encouraged to consult your health care provider with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your condition. Please consult your health care provider and/or physician and use your own judgment before trying any exercise or diet program.

DISCLOSURES & PRIVACY POLICY – All reviews posted on my blog and in my videos feature my own views and opinions. There are instances when I have reviewed or featured a product and I have received compensation in the form of product for my personal use or for use in a giveaway, discounts toward purchase for my followers, monetary compensation, or any combination of those three things. I never accept payment for favorable reviews. If I have been compensated for a post, I will make note of it at the bottom,  or top of the individual post or within the blog post– full disclosure is always given and no exceptions will be made in order to conceal my relationship with a company or product line. I also feature product links on my website, in my individual blog posts and in my videos. I am an affiliate for several product lines and companies, and I receive a small percentage of the sales revenue when a sale results from a link on my site. Click here to view the full Privacy Policy.