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  • Spring FitHair and Body Tips

    Alex blonde hair fithair with kale shirt

    If you dislike winter as much as I do, you are probably thrilled about the arrival of spring. Besides the weather, spring is thrilling because of  the opportunity it provides to embrace vibrancy.  Read on for some ways for your hair and body to smile at spring:

    Alex blonde hair fithair with kale shirt

    1.  Hair color:  Perk up your hair with some spring colors. Throw in some red, add a dash of blue, or go full- on blonde if you’re really daring. A splash of color is the perfect way to add some lilt to your hair and mood.

    DIY Gold Wedding Hair Accessories - Once Wed

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    2. Hair Accessories:  Yes, we love to admire the flowers that bloom in spring, but those florals can look just as good in hair as they do in a garden. A tulip tucked within a bun or a crown of lilies adorning your flowing locks says “Hello, spring” in a dynamic way.

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    3. Hair Products:  Spring is all about keeping it light, which means that hair refreshers and spritzes are wonderful additions to the mid-year product arsenal. DIYers can fill a spray bottle with water, glycerin, and some carrier and essential oils. If you’re more of the grab and go type, the Revitalizing Leave-In from the Jane Carter Solution and the Yucca and Baobab Growth Lotion from Shea Moisture are two of many great selections.

    sage burning in the house for spring cleaning

    4. Spring Cleaning: With Spring being in season, now is the time to start spring cleaning your entire house. The Art of the Simple, explain the importance of Spring cleaning in your house.

    ” No matter what area of your home you’re organizing – your media library, toy room, school room, garage or outside, for example — take some time to really think through your family’s needs and come up with a system that works best for you. Think about your schedule, personalities, what’s worked in the past and what obstacles have prevented you from getting organized. Then brainstorm creative solutions to overcome them. “

    Don’t forget to end your spring cleaning journey by burning some sage. You can check out he benefits of burning sage here.

    Morning green smoothie. Berries, banana, mixed greens, flax seeds and spirulina. Great ready for our 30 day

    5: Detox or Fast: Now is the time to take a quick detox or perhaps fast from a few bad habits you picked up in the winter time. Try a 3-day juice and smoothie cleanse while enjoying a few days in the sauna.  Both your hair and body will thank you for the restoration.

    May your hair and body bloom blissfully throughout the spring!

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  • Benefits of Silk for Hair and Body

    silk sheets colored

    Imagine a smooth caress lavishing your skin. It makes you feel as if you are floating on feathers. What if it were good for you too? That scenario is an awesome reality with silk. Not only does silk feel good on the skin, it is also great for the hair. Get your hair in formation with these super-silky tips:

    4 Benefits of Silk for Hair and Body

    firstline brand headbands for working out

    1. Silk protein:  If you have fears about protein, let them dissolve like water in the soil. Silk protein is the lightest and gentlest of all proteins. It strengthens the hair without producing a hard feeling from protein that some people abhor. For a lightweight protein coupled with a nice dose of strength, silk protein is the way to go.

    2. Silk-lined hats/wraps: When it’s frigid, you have to cover your head, especially if you’re not fond of headaches, earaches, and all those other detestable symptoms of the common cold. The hats that we grew up wearing may have been super cute, but they weren’t very kind to our tresses. Enter silk-lined hats: the fashionably-friendly alternative for hair. Keep your head warm and leave breakage by the wayside.  I also love a lot of silk lined wraps found with firstlinebrands.

    just alex fithair expert in silk bonnet from firstline brand and the natural cole hair event

    3. Silk bonnets and pillowcases: Just as sleep is important for physical health, our hair’s protection is imperative for its well-being. The hair needs to be covered with smooth fibers to remain in place and maintain its moisture. Silk bonnets and pillowcases help the hair to keep its lushness and swagger. They’re ultra sexy, too, so you’ll be stylin’ in your sleep.

    4. Silk Sheets: Silk sheets are very helpful for the body at night. Silk helps the body regular it’s temperature while one is sleeping.  Additionally, silk sheets are considered to be hypoallergenic due to their nature in having very small individual threads, which help reflect various allergens that are prone to sitting on the sheets.

    silk benefits for hair and body